Labour makes Falkirk Town Centre Safer

Labour controlled Falkirk Council introduced the taxi marshalling service all year around and this year also introduce these services to make the town centre safer during the festive period

  • Additional Police officers (2) to support taxi marshals and provide high visibility reassurance policing (at the councils own cost)
  • Safe Base – to provide visitors to the town centre with a safe place to receive advice, support and treatment to enable them to get assistance in getting home or where necessary, transport to the local accident and emergency unit.

During the period of the Safe Base operation, over 400 contacts were made with members of the team, including Central Scotland Police and the British Red Cross. Thirty nine clients were treated in the safe base, with ten referrals to accident and emergency at Stirling Royal Infirmary. It is estimated that 16 possible A&E or ambulance call outs were averted and two missing persons found. The injuries or concerns ranged from fractured bones to facial and head injuries due to falls, alcohol intoxication or adverse weather conditions the weekend before Christmas.

  • 92% of respondents were in favour of the permanent operation of the taxi marshal service in Falkirk.
  • 67% felt that the safe zone would be beneficial to Falkirk town centre if run all year round
  • 57% of premises agreed that the initiative would help to change the public perception of Falkirk’s night time economy;

Cllr Craig R Martin expressed his delight at the achievements of the councils activities and remarked “this is making Falkirk town centre safer and our aim is to make Falkirk the safest town in Scotland to enjoy a night out”

“we have achieved in providing the taxi marshal service all year round and we will try to do the same with the Safe Base with the help of our partners including the NHS and Brittish Red Cross”

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