Deadly Drug on Falkirk’s Streets

The earlier article on Safe Base in Falkirk highlights how we are working towards safety in the town centre.

The recent tragic deaths due to the use of the illegal substance Mephedrone have alerted us to the major risk that this legal substance is.  The Safe Base is already alert to this drug through the paramedic working within the safe house, and to date two males have presented who had taken the legal high one male stayed in hospital for three days while the other was released the following day.  They came to the base with two females and close and careful questioning of all four resulted in local information of supply and distribution of this drug being passed to police, this highlighted a new risk in the town centre.

Councillor Charles MacDonald said “We should be pressuring the current Scottish Government to bring in laws urgently to deal with this threat to the lives of our young people, there should be no politicking or pontificating but real action now!  Funding should also be made available to have the Safe Base available all year round not just at busy periods and we will make a case for this to the Government as this intervention alone has shown the importance of the base to the residents of Falkirk”.

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