A Note to Undecided Voters

It is now officially the day of the election and as I write this there is only 22 hours before the General Election of 2010 is over.

After campaigning in Glasgow East for Margaret Curran, Anne McGuire in Stirling, and of course Eric Joyce in Falkirk over the last few days, I am full of hope that we will reelect as many Labour MP’s as possible to continue the great path that this government has put us on over the last 13 years. Certainly we have challenging economic times but Gordon has shown that he is the man to bring us through.

I would like to urge voters who are undecided or who are thinking of protest voting today that this is no time to turn your back on Labour and that we need your vote now more than ever. Your vote is and will never be taken for granted by a Labour Government which really does want  to create a Future Fair for All.

Lets go out and vote for it,

Steven Gale
Secretary – Falkirk CLP

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