Falkirk votes for a Fair Future

As you will probably be aware Thursday night saw Eric Joyce re-elected as MP for Falkirk. Congratulations, to both him and everyone in his campaign team who worked so hard on securing this stunning victory.

Across Scotland, Labour reinforced its position from 2005 and we are in a very good position to begin the fight to take back the Scottish Parliament from the SNP next May. I am still in shock at such brilliant results such as Gordon Banks in Ochil and South Perthshire. This and the other results shows that Labour is the party of Scotland once again.

In the UK we are seeing a situation now in which the Conservatives are the largest party in a hung parliament and it remains to be seen as to exactly how that will play out. In whatever the case you can be assured that Labour will continue to fight for its manifesto commitments as entrusted by the people who voted for us.

Steven Gale
Secretary – Falkirk CLP

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