Falkirk is the UK’s most popular town

This is an extract of an article which  was printed in METRO on Wednesday July 28th:

Falkirk has come out top as the UK’s most popular town.

A migration monitor says residents are the most likely in the UK to shift to another address in the area rather than leave the central Scotland town.

More than 66% of moves are local, the highest total in the UK.

Rosemary Rodgers of reallymoving.com said that the Falkirk success was down to the proximity to commercial and retail hubs.

She said “This indicates strong community ties and a healthy local economy… Falkirk [is] within the spheres of influence of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Boasting the world’s only rotating boat lift – not to mention a pineapple-topped house – the Falkirk area has a population of more than 97,000. A regeneration campaign declares: “My future’s in Falkirk.”

Council leader Craig Martin said: “We have great housing, schools, shops, attractions like the Falkirk Wheel and the Hippodrome Cinema, wonderful parks and great leisure facilities. The Falkirk Council area sits right at the heart of Scotland with unbeatable transport links to the rest of the country. And, of course, very friendly people.

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