Vote Labour for a brighter future for Falkirk

The Labour Party launched a manifesto which will enable its achievements to be built on, after the do nothing, achieve less regime of the SNP 2001-2007, where Falkirk had a terrible recycling record and even worse housing management performance.

Add that to their failed market driven solution to town centre developments, and its clear why they failed in 2007.

The Labour party in an inclusive approach drew on the experience of the professionals in its ranks to draw up a viable way forward.

On 3rd May people face a choice, a party who were founded by the workers and trades unions who represented them, or one which was founded by disaffected tartan Tories.

We face a party who like their English equivalent deploy weapons of mass deception, while they give to the rich at the expense of the poor.

The Council Tax freeze benefits the richest 10% by £193 a year and only £51 to the poorest 10%. Again Robin Hood in reverse.

Despite the SNP refusal to give aid to the Falkirk area Labour has reduced youth unemployment, while its risen every where else.

Martin Murray, Falkirk CLP chair said “You can fool some of the people all the time and all the people some of the time but the public in Falkirk know which side their bread is buttered on.”

A copy of the manifesto can be found here.

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