Changes to CLP Structures


As part of the review of Labour Party structures there have been changes to the structure of local Constituency Labour Party groups. The groups will now be based on the Scottish Parliament boundaries.

For most members of Falkirk West CLP this will mean no change but a few of you will move to the Falkirk East CLP instead.

For those members who are in the local wards of Denny & Bannock, Carse Kinnaird and Tryst, Bonnybridge & Larbert, Falkirk North and Falkirk South you will continue as members of Falkirk West CLP.

This change has meant that at the recent AGM, Martin Murray had to step down as Chair of the CLP and will move over to Falkirk East. The new committee for Falkirk West CLP was selected with Stephen Deans coming in as the Chair with Richard Bryce joining as Vice chair. They will join Gray Allan, Terrie Hay and Kate Arnott who stayed on from the previous committee.

The CLP would like to thank Martin Murray for his contribution to the group during his time as chair, especially given the issues that the CLP faced earlier in the year.

1 thought on “Changes to CLP Structures

  1. Glad I was able to steer the clp towards coping with national scrutiny without the rwcriminatons that gave happened recently.

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