Local Party

CLP Forthcoming Events

Sunday August 7th, Camelon Labour Club

Next meeting is scheduled for the 7/8/11 at 7pm, All Members Meeting.

Previous Events

Sunday June 5th, Camelon Labour Club

Local Party AGM, The aim of the meeting will be to elect a new committee for the year, select members to arrange the local Government selections and lastly to discuss the local parties response to the recent elections. This discussion will go into the Scottish parties review group

Sunday October 10th, Camelon Labour Club

All-members meeting to discuss the Annual Conference with a presentation from the delegate who attended and a look forward to the Scottish Conference at the end of October.

Sunday September 12th, Camelon Labour Club

All-members meeting to discuss the upcoming Annual Conference and to discuss the beginning of the election campaign for MSP.

Sunday July 4th, Camelon Labour Club

Labour Leadership debate and vote

Sunday June 6th, Camelon Labour Club

Scottish Parliament manifesto discussion and the Annual General Meeting

Saturday April 17th, Camelon Labour Club

Race Night – General Election Fundraiser

Sunday March 7th, Camelon Labour Club

All members meeting to discuss the up-coming general election

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