Local Elections 2012

LABOUR in Falkirk district has launched its manifesto for the forthcoming Falkirk Council elections on May 3.

Falkirk Council’s leader, Labour Councillor Craig Martin, said: “This manifesto reports on our successes, despite tight budgets.

“It also spells out what a Labour Council will promise to do next. We ask you to read this manifesto and put your trust in us by voting for Labour candidates in the local government elections on Thursday, May 3.”

A copy of the manifesto can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Local Elections 2012

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  2. In contrast to the SNP’s attempts to “create” news about party members wiorking for Eric Joyce MP, or the non story over Joe Lemmetti who was unsucessful in seeking reselection, Labour are pushing adhead with policies whixch have achieved a massive reducation in youth unemployment, and amongst the cheapest care charges in Scotland. No ned to make up “exposes” FACTS speak for thermselves!

  3. The SNP are launching their manifesto on 16th April, and it will target job creation and growth. Why the delay? its not as if they are running the council, they have plenty time to write their manifesto. Ours was launched on March 24th. This year we have a record number of modern apprentices 435. Our pre-apprenticeship training programmes are 40% above the national average. In recent years Grangemouth has lost jobs thats why we put jobs above saving trees. We are bringing forward an innovative and dynamic manifesto with job creation and economic growth at its heart. Our first pledge is to grow our economy. Looks like our opposition have been having a good, long read of our manifesto, they will find plenty ideas on its 30 pages.

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