SNP Weapons of Mass Deception Deployed

Once again we see the SNP deploying their weapons of mass deception.

An attempt to comment on the Labour party’s ability to stand another excellent female professional candidate in the upper braes ward is just the latest example.

Rosemary Dean Murray is a professional Occupational Therapist, with over 20 years experience of working in Councils as a professional, delivering community care. She is an expert in the fields of disability and Community care.

She has worked locally for a decade, with Central Regional and Falkirk Councils, delivering services to many people of the Braes villages, enabling them to maximise independence, remain in their own homes and community and avoiding unnecessary, expensive, residential care. To attempt to imply that such an experienced professional is in any way diluting the quality of the Labour candidates is laughable” said Martin Murray, Chair of Falkirk Constituency Labour Party.

Rosemary was educated at Queen Margaret, Stirling and the Open Universities. She is a manager in an award winning  Occupational Therapy service  for another local authority. She, daily, deals with Councillor enquiries on behalf of people just like you.

In contrast to the attempted deception by the SNP, this development is indicative of the strength in depth of the Labour Party in the Falkirk Council area. To be able to stand such a vibrant and experienced local government worker and Unison member clearly has the SNP rattled. Rosemary will build on the work of  Councillors John McLuckie and Stephen Fry. Having visited many houses in the Braes as a professional, Rosemary seeks to do so as a Councillor.

The ultimate irony is that the SNP are attempting to pillory an efficient and effective Labour coalition, with the very same councillors who previously backed their failed and rejected regime from 2002-2007. The people of Falkirk, in contrast, appreciate effective services, and highly experienced representatives.

2 thoughts on “SNP Weapons of Mass Deception Deployed

  1. There is no doubt that the abuility of the Labour party to bring a vastly experience professional into the Council Election has the SNP rattled.
    knowledge is portable whereas location is accidental.
    With 10 years of helping those with disability and their carers I’m sure the people of the Upper Braes will appreciate the chance to be represented by an experienced local government profesessional.

  2. I am sure that Rosemary Dean Murray will bring considerable professional experience and a broad skill base to the role of Councillor. She seems to me an effective communicator and has a proven commitment to actively listen to other’s concerns as well as planning how to resolve problems using available resources and networking.

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